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European Research Webinar: What is the new role of the private sector in homeless accommodation?
There has been increasing privatisation and marketisation of wider European social and housing policy, which has mainstreamed the idea of private sector activity in areas that include homelessness. Debates about private sector involvement can be polarized, with the private sector and free market seen as efficient or as socially destructive and exploitative. Public debates and political concerns about the use of private sector temporary accommodation tend to focus on the potential consequences of the financialization of accommodation and housing for homeless people, high prices for substandard services and the (in)efficient use of public resources. The webinar will present the recent report of the European Observatory on Homelessness on the private sector and emergency and temporary accommodation in Europe and discuss the different roles of the private sector and the consequences of its use in Spain, the Netherlands and Ireland.

May 5, 2023 02:00 PM in Brussels

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