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How is the Alternative Protein sector being disrupted in Spain? (1st webinar)
Spain's alternative protein industry has grown exponentially in the last few years, demonstrating both the potential of this new market and the challenges that need to be faced by this industry in the upcoming years. As of today, Spain has one of the most prolific ecosystems for foodtech entrepreneurship. The Spanish alternative protein companies saw investment figures rocket by 5,527% in 2021, raising 26 million euros, up from just 0,49 million euros in 2020. New players in the ecosystem, including big companies, technology centers, and disruptive startups, have contributed to the growth of the plant-based market. Aside from plant-based solutions, fermentation, bioprinting, and cell cultivation technologies are capturing investors' attention more and more, having a huge potential for innovation, and claiming a much larger share of investment than ever before. ICEX Spain Trade & Investment, together with the global network of Economic & Commercial Offices of Spain, will present five spanish startups and one of the leading technological center that are disrupting the food industry by using the most innovative technologies to create the foods of the future, in the most sustainable way.
This initiative aims to strengthen the network of the Spanish foodtech industry, to showcase it to the world, and to highlight success stories and interesting projects from other countries to enhance collaboration.

- Maria Naranjo, Agrifood Industry Director, ICEX
- Francisco Kukar, CSO, Innomy Biotech
- Silvia Moreno, CTO, Mimic Foods
- Javier Zaratiegui, CTO, Cocuus
- Zoltan Toth-Zifra, CEO, Real Deal Milk
- Mariano Oto, CEO, Nucaps
- Estefanía Erro, Marketing & Innovation Director, CNTA

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