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Safeguarding Enterprise Data from the inside out: Tackling ransomware with modern cyber protection and rapid restore strategy
One of the biggest challenges in the growing digital economy is the exponential rise in ransomware attacks. With experts predicting a new ransomware attack on businesses every 11 seconds by the end of 2021, this is a significant and growing problem.

When a ransomware attack disables an organisation’s corporate, customer or other data systems, the disruption can be widespread – ranging from the need to take industrial or eCommerce platforms offline through to the permanent loss (or theft) of sensitive or proprietary data. Staying ahead of today’s known and unknown exploits requires a variety of approaches – from advanced endpoint protection and maintaining up-to-date operating systems through to investing in information security training, network audits and vulnerability testing.

Data protection is one of the most complex areas of IT infrastructure, but the key to effectively protecting data is to bring all the disparate silos (data lakes, backup appliances, etc.) together in one place and then create a read-only snapshot of the data.

By attending this informative roundtable you will walk away with the knowledge to:
- Level up your cyber protection with a five-step framework
- Mitigate against a ransomware attack by protecting your back up data
- Enable a super-fast restoration environment for ransomware data recovery and crucially how to simplify your ransomware backup and protect your data from ransomware


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