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ON DEMAND: Give Good Head: How to Make Oral Unforgettable
Your mouth can open up nearly endless possibilities for pleasure. But, like most kinds of sex, the ins and outs of oral are rarely discussed—people are often expected to "just know" how to perform it well.

That's nonsense!

Join Kinkly and certified sex educator Ducky DooLittle as we give you the low-down on how to go down. We'll cover:

- Misconceptions/Myths About Oral Sex
- Oral Sex Safety
- How to Perform Oral Sex on a Vulva
- How to Perform Oral Sex on a Penis
- How to Perform Oral Sex on an Anus
- Sex Positions for Oral Sex
- Accessories to Make Oral Sex Better

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Dec 31, 2023 06:00 PM in Edmonton

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Ducky DooLittle
Certified Sex Educator @duckydoolittle.com
Ducky DooLittle is a certified sex educator and a foremost expert in the pleasure product and sex toy industry. She is the author of “Sex With The Lights On: 200 Illuminating Sex Questions Answered”. Ducky brings a warm, hilarious, nonjudgmental and holistic (whole body) approach to sexual wellness and play. Her press appearances include HBO's “Real Sex,” “The Morning Show,” Vice, MTV, NPR, “The Howard Stern Show,” “Cosmopolitan” magazine, “Men's Health” magazine, and “Playboy TV,” to name a few. Ducky’s YouTube videos have attracted more than two million views. Author Susie Bright says, “She’s one of the most insightful and original sex educators I’ve ever met.” Learn more at www.duckydoolittle.com.