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Heritage Crafts X Satchel Classes: Creative Careers in Craft Live Workshop 7th July
Heritage Crafts X Satchel Classes: Creative Careers in Craft Live Workshop
Free live workshop for students aged 11-18
Live webinar. Only hosts will be visible/audible.

Are you interested in showcasing some of the nation's most creative careers in craft to your students during lesson time, or perhaps helping them to explore their own creativity and wellbeing? Join Heritage Crafts as they host a special careers workshops for students about a career in crafts.

Traditional crafts can include an incredible variety of occupations from ceramics, paper, textiles and wood, to neon bending and shoe making.

In this live workshop Heritage Crafts will introduce students to two inspiring craftspeople who will speak to you about their own journey with craft, and how they have made the best use of social media and video to promote their work. Denzel and Maisie use traditional hand skills to create their work and are building successful businesses around their craft expertise.

Denzel Currie @curriegoat is a Streetwear artist who uses the craft skills of rug tufting, hand painting and video to tell stories. He believes that Streetwear culture is moving towards high end, vintage and custom pieces that hold meaning and challenge the idea of fast fashion. His videos show that anyone can use craft and creativity to tell stories and to make life a little bit better. As Denzel says "Great art tells stories and stories make you great!"

Maisie Jackson @maisie_matilda_art is a fore-edge painter, who creates amazing works of art on the pages of books. She has posted numerous videos on her TikTok account showing her fore-edge painting on copies of literary classics such as the "Harry Potter" series and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Her videos have reached millions and her work often sells in minutes through her Etsy shop.

Join Heritage Crafts, Denzel and Maisie to explore how to progress a career in crafts.


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