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Psychic Spectrum's - Psychic Showcase
This is our weekly event, where we get to teach about the Metaphysical and the Paranormal, in person. Whether you are there with us or whether you attend via our LIVE & ONLINE VIDEO CALL.

We sport a panel of psychics and astrologers, along with different speakers and different topics, each week. Our hosts, Skip & Sha'ron Leingang, afford you the opportunity
to not only learn, but to have fun and take part in every event.

We have been meeting at the Poodle Dog Restaurant for 14 years, and we are now continuing the tradition, now that Covid-19 restrictions have been removed.

Admission is $5.00 per person - (In person or on-line - Note: paying with a card requires $.50 processing fee from PayPal)

Attend in-person: Doors open at 4 PM. Program at 5 PM
Attend on-line: Click on your new weekly link beginning at 4:30 PM. Program at 5 PM

If you can't attend in person, you can still attend on-line

You will receive a new link each week, in an email - then - just click on that link, on that Wednesday evening after 5:30 PM, any time you wish to join in

- All online attendees, ALSO, have the same opportunity at the weekly door prize and the grand prize drawing.
- All online attendees, ALSO, have the same opportunity at testing their psychic ability in guessing at "What's in the Box" (or as Skip calls it-"Who Sucks Less"
- Each person who attends will also get their FREE Psychometry reading from a member of the Psychic/Astrologer/Palmist Panel Members
- PLUS- You get to hear the speaker and learn from them also!

Private readings for in-person attendees, are available at the Psychic Showcase, with a member of the Psychic/Astrologer Panel are:
$30 / 15 minutes
$60 / 30 minutes
$120 / 60 minutes

Note: If you are on-line, and wish to have a private reading from a member of the panel at a later time, we will arrange for you to have their telephone number
Please choose only one webinar to attend.
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