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Crime and Policy III: Counterfeit medicines in 2021
Policy: With the year half over and many state legislatures finishing up for the year, where are we with state and federal policy proposals that would affect the safety of the supply chain? We'll cover where policy proposals stand for pill presses, Canadian drug importation, domain name transparency, and fentanyl analogues.

Crime: Since the start of the pandemic, law enforcement has been very busy and #covidscams have mutated throughout this time. Simultaneously, the crisis of drug-related deaths, especially fentanyl-linked, has skyrocketed during the pandemic as has prosecutions. We'll cover how the criminals have evolved, what techniques they're using against Americans now, and the major counterfeit prosecutions we've seen.

Additionally we'll have a live guest who has been up close to the fake pill crisis since early in the first wave to talk about how it's changed.


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