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IASA BITAS Conference 2022
The 11th edition Business IT Architecture Series (BITAS) Conference will uncover the digital strategies,
competencies, tools and techniques for Digital EA development—and learn how to apply these insights to your
own organisation’s goals and needs. We will gather industry thought leaders, EA practitioners and communities
from the Asia Pacific to share the best practices that drive continuous, cross-functional growth and innovation for
digital business.

What to expect?

- Accelerate the digital transformation and business
capabilities with EA establishment to capture new growth
- Learn how to incorporate modern architectural practices
to maximise digital capabilities in the evolving business
- Gain insight from the thought-leaders from industries such
as Government, Banking, Education, Manufacturing, etc.
have leveraged technology transformation to advance
their business outcomes.
- Understand how EA roles have been recognised as the
key important to bridging the digital divide for companies
to develop innovative business models.

Visit https://iasa-apac.org/event/bitas-asia-conference-2022/ for more information

Aug 25, 2022 10:00 AM in Kuala Lumpur

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