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"Anatomy of a False Arrest and Excessive Force Case under Section 1983: A Three Part Series"
[Part 1]: "Case Selection, Representation and Initial Pleadings"
[Part 2]: “Discovery, Evidence and Motions Practice”
[Part 3]: “Pre-Trial, Trial, and Post-Trial”
This three-part series covers how to successfully litigate a high-frequency police liability case, whether you are for the plaintiff or the defense. Using a hypothetical fact pattern, it covers issue identification, case selection and investigation, representation agreements, the complaint and answer [Part 1]; making and defending discovery requests, 15 most common evidentiary issues, and 10 motions to file in the life of a case [Part 2]; and case evaluation and settlement, jury selection, pattern examinations, jury instructions, openings and closings, how to handle qualified immunity at trial, the verdict form, and post-trial motions and petitions for attorney’s fees [Part 3].

Each 105-minute presentation includes dozens of PowerPoint slides and references materials from the presenter’s treatise and handbook "Police Misconduct: A Practitioner’s Guide to Section 1983"

Attendees can receive CLE credit and a certificate of completion for each program on request.

To register for these complimentary webinars, please purchase the companion publication, Police Misconduct: A Practioner's Guide to Section 1983. Use code WEB20 to receive a 20% discount. Registrants only need to register once to attend all three sessions. Registrations will be approved subject to verification of publication purchase.
Book Link: http://www.jurispub.com/Bookstore/All-Books-by-Title/Police-Misconduct.html
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