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Webinar for CECA Members on the new CECA Generic Form of Sub-Contract
Tom Pemberton of Goodman Derrick Solicitors LLP and Mark Bezzant will provide an introduction to the CECA Generic Form of Sub-Contract (published in September 2020) and a detailed review of its key features.

Tom and Mark collaborated in drafting this new Sub-Contract form and will provide guidance on its use and the completion of its Schedules, including new options to give users a significant degree of flexibility in agreeing sub-contract terms which reflect the wide variety of Main Contract forms with which it can be used.

The webinar is primarily aimed at CECA Members’ senior commercial directors and managers who are responsible for the selection and authorisation of Members’ contracts generally.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

+ Introduction to the Generic Form of Sub-Contract, its purpose and intended use in conjunction with a wide range of standard form and bespoke main contracts where no other appropriate published form of sub-contract is available

+ Overview of drafting approach and structure, including points in common with the CECA Forms of Sub-Contract published in November 2011 (specifically that published with the ICC Design and Construct Form) on which the
Generic Form is based

+ Key new options and/or differences from the other CECA Forms of Sub-Contract, including those setting out or relating to:

- Sub-Contractor’s design
- Commencement on site, period for completion and delay, including a new
option for liquidated damages;
- Payment
- Adjustments to the Sub-Contract price and variations
- Dayworks
- Insurance
- Dispute resolution
- Options for a parent company guarantee, performance bond, and/or collateral warranties

There will be a 10 minute break in the middle of the webinar, and time will be allocated to Q&A. The webinar will end by 12:30pm.


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