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Healthcare: Collaboration in Change
Today’s healthcare challenges have changed, and Health services need to adapt to keep pace. Working in isolation from each other will create bottlenecks in access to treatment and reduce progress in the treatment of patients. Only through greater collaboration and utilisation of new innovative digital treatments will Healthcare organisations be able to keep up with demand and the evolution in diseases/viruses that we are seeing emerge. But collaboration and sharing of data are not enough on their own. Making sense of the data captured and shared will give new insights and a greater understanding of how we can better treat and improve the care provided to improve patient outcomes. Shift left, Stay left requires organisations to keep ahead of the curve and tackle new challenges with speed and accuracy.

Join us in an interactive roundtable with James Norman, EMEA Health and Life Science Solutions Director, Pure Storage, to discuss and gain insights into:
- The challenge faced with capturing the data.
- Volume and scale of the data can be overwhelming when trying to analyse.
- New approaches are needed to analyse and make sense of the volume and complexity of the data.
- Standards for data formats and clinical messaging are still evolving, meaning the data is difficult to analyse.
- Speed of analysis has hindered previous attempts to get clinical buy-in for data sharing. Advances in technology are changing this but can we win clinical staff back over through near real-time analytical decision support tools using Artificial intelligence and machine learning on hybrid platforms that allow access to multiple systems and enable multiple algorithms to run simultaneously on the same datasets, preventing latency and delay for clinicians to get the information they need in a timely manner.


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