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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, AGRODEP regularly held technical meetings and outreach events to promote scientific exchange among experts and interaction with policy practitioners, the latter in collaboration with leading organizations at the country, regional, and continental levels. AKADEMIYA2063 will resume this activity, starting with the organization of an AGRODEP Members Conference in March 2023. The main objectives of this conference include reviewing progress in AGRODEP activities, sharing research outputs, and strengthening the AGRODEP membership. More specifically, the 2023 Conference will seek to:

1. Remobilize, strengthen, and reconnect its members in their various networks, while helping them align their research interests with the most current and pressing development agendas to transform and build resilient food systems in Africa;

2. Offer members an opportunity to share their research work and most recent productions through presentation and discussion of their latest findings. As such, members will present illustrative practices, innovative research as well as new developments relevant for Africa’s food systems transformation agenda;

3. Facilitate capacity assessment and provide networking opportunities to enable researchers to take a leading role in addressing strategic development issues facing Africa;

4. Offer current and prospective AGRODEP partners a platform to share their relevant ongoing work, as well as immediate opportunities of direct interest to AGRODEP members.

The AGRODEP Annual Conference on African Growth and Development Policy will be organized by AKADEMIYA2063 from March 21-23, 2023. The format of the conference will be hybrid, combining in-person and virtual participation.
Mar 21, 2023 09:00 AM
Mar 22, 2023 09:00 AM
Mar 23, 2023 09:00 AM
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