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Smarter Transitions: The Brave New Enterprise
Each organisation, moving forward, will have two states: pre-COVID, and post-COVID. There is a small window currently open for end-to-end enterprise transformation: the drop in activity during pandemic is set to transform into a new world bustling with business.

But this changed world will see a very different sort of company or organisation succeeding: the legacy enterprise has been completely broken down and reconstituted. This new enterprise invests less in office rentals and more in communication and collaboration tools; it is edge-ready and less monolithic in IT infrastructure; and it has shed inefficient workflows for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, High-Performance Computing and Robotic Process Automation.

Join us as we explore how a new sort of enterprise is taking shape across verticals, backed by infrastructure that allows it to be more agile, more distributed, and truly ready for the global landscape of 2022 and beyond.


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