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Suzanne Strijbosch - van Snippenberg
Author 'See what moves your child'
“Everything in me believes that children are not their behavior and they never, ever choose this. No child wants to be left out or be different. I stand up for these children. With my personal, open and involved way of guiding, I show you and your child what is possible if you can see your child just as it is. With my background as a pediatric physiotherapist, I literally and figuratively get young and old moving. Every change starts with a move! Children are unique and beautiful creatures. There is nothing better than being able to work with them. Their sincerity and enthusiasm give me a lot of energy. It is so rewarding when you can show children and their parents/caregivers what they are capable of together. I knew from a young age that I wanted to work with children. Only the motor aspect of the pediatric physiotherapy was not enough for me. I specialized in behaviour, emotion regulation and sensory information processing.”
Franco Odhiambo
@Cheza Cheza Dance
"I am a dance educator, who is extremely passionate about using dance and movement in education. You can learn beyond a desk to support educational outcomes and create conductive learning environments. I am motivated to bring about change in my community by making the future generation more resilient by giving them a safe space and the right tools to reach their full potential."
Peter Ndung'u
@Scancoaching-Africa & Greatminds
"I am a certified Master ScanCoach, co-founder of GreatMinds and NLP practitioner. I work with corporates and young people to guide them as they connect to their authentic self, heal and reclaim freedom to be able to maximize on their potential."