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YCME Coordinating Circle members at a winter retreat in 2020
Youth Circle for Mother Earth Webinar


Jan 18, 2022 05:32 PM

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Emily Morris
Environmental Stewardship Coordinator @Plenty Canada
Emily Morris is Plenty Canada’s Environmental Stewardship Coordinator. She has recently graduated from the environmental science program at the University of Ottawa and spent this past summer working with Plenty Canada as an invasive species technician through the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters’ Invading Species Awareness Program.
Maggie Cummings
Interim TRACKS Co-director, Oshkwazin @TRACKS
Maggie Cummings ndizhnikaaz. Ngig ndodem. Wshkiigomaang ndoonjibaa. Maggie is an Anishnaabekwe, Otter clan, from Wshkiigomaang (Curve Lake First Nation). Maggie Cummings is the Interim TRACKS Co-director, Oshkwazin. She oversees the Oshkwazin Youth Leadership development program, TRACKS' newest initiative providing leadership opportunities to high-school aged Indigenous youth. She completed her B.A. in Linguistics, with a minor in First Nations and Indigenous Studies, at the University of British Columbia.
Clint Jacobs
Founder and President of the Walpole Island Land Trust @Walpole Island Land Trust/Walpole Island Heritage Centre
Clint Jacobs is Anishinaabe from Bkejwanong – Walpole Island First Nation, which is located on the north shores of Lake St. Clair, in Southwestern Ontario. Bkejwanong has some of the country’s most biologically diverse ecosystems and over 70 of Canada’s species at risk as well as a membership of over 5,000 people. Clint is the founder and president of the Walpole Island Land Trust. Clint also co-leads a team at Nin.Da.Waab.Jig (Walpole Island Heritage Centre) that implements numerous initiatives relating to environmental research, natural heritage education, and the conservation, stewardship, and protection of Walpole Island First Nation’s natural heritage.
Youth Circle for Mother Earth Coordinating Circle members
@Ontario Nature
Youth Circle for Mother Earth Coordinating Circle members. The Coordinating Circle is a collective of Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth whose goal is to revitalize our relationship with Mother Earth by protecting our lands, airs and waters for future generations through cross-cultural knowledge sharing, ethical dialogue, youth leadership and community engagement.
Emma Horrigan
Host - Conservation Projects and Education Manager @Ontario Nature
Emma Horrigan is the Conservation Projects and Education Manager at Ontario Nature and manages the Community Science and Nature Guardians Youth programs, and collaborative projects with agricultural and research partners. Emma completed her M.Sc. in arctic ecology, and her B.A. in forest conservation both at the University of Toronto.
Christine Ambre
Host - Conservation Education Coordinator @Ontario Nature
Christine Ambre is Ontario Nature’s Conservation Education Coordinator, who coordinates the Nature Guardians Youth Program, including the Youth Circle for Mother Earth and Youth Council. Christine has a B.Sc. in earth sciences from University of Waterloo.