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Nurse Wellbeing and Resilience Requires More Than New Tools: Seven Key Steps to Hardwiring a Long Lasting and Impactful Culture of Resilience
The resilience and wellbeing of nurses is at the top of the executive agenda: from the CEO Coalition announced in spring of 2021, to data from national surveys of C-suite strategic priorities, it’s clear that industry executives are committed to investing in the safety and wellbeing of the nursing workforce. And for good reason: decades of research have proven that burnt out nurses deliver poor patient care, and are 12% more likely to leave.

Exhausted, overly stressed, and burnt-out nurses cannot deliver best-in-class care, period.

The good news: health systems nationwide are investing in tools designed to improve nurse resilience and enable nurses and nurse leaders to more effectively manage extreme stress. The problem is many health systems are making these investments without a process in place to optimize implementation, adoption and sustained use of new resilience tools.

Based on our conversations with hundreds of nurse executives, as well as our experience working with dozens of health systems, we believe there are seven key steps to ensure your resilience and wellbeing investments deliver a measurable return for both your nurses and your bottom line- steps that most health systems are missing.

Join us on October 1 when our team will delve deep into the necessary steps that best practice health systems are deploying as they seek to strengthen nurse wellbeing and nurse’s ability to manage extreme stress. Participants will learn:

-Recent trends in nursing turnover and burnout, and implications for health system workforce strategy
-The key steps health systems are missing as they seek to enhance the wellbeing and resilience of their nursing staff
-A ”Resilience Roadmap” that toplines the seven steps best practice health systems are taking to ensure a measurable and sustainable approach to nurse wellbeing and stress management


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