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Teaching Robotics in Secondary School
Robotics and AI will play a massive role in the workforce over the coming years and secondary school graduates with high-tech literacies will have a significant advantage across all industries.

This presents a unique challenge when building a robotics program at the secondary school level - how do you provide a meaningful technical education while ensuring that you're engaging a large percentage of students?

At the middle school level (grades 6 - 8) the average level of enrollment is 5% to 15% of students, depending on the robotics product being used.

At the high school level (grades 9 - 12), average enrollment is about 3% of boys and just 0.3% of girls. Imagine, we're in the midst of the largest workforce transition in the history of man, and only 3 girls per 1,000 are interested in learning robotics. For boys, 30 out of 1,000 also represents far too low a level.

Robot's.Education has demonstrated robotics to tens of thousands of students, resulting in a dramatic increase in enrollment. Following the presentations, 25% to 45% of high school students indicate they would like to learn robotics. At the middle school level, the results are even more impressive with an average of 90% of students indicating that they would like to learn robotics.

In this webinar, Robots.Education will share their strategies for boosting student engagement to unprecedented levels, while simultaneously providing a high level of education that builds a foundation for future success.

​In this session, we will:
- Discuss why it's important to engage as many students as possible in robotics and coding education.
- Provide insight into a few common misconceptions that exist about robotics education, and how you can address them within your school.
- Share strategies for dramatically increasing enrollment within your robotics and coding programs, while simultaneously providing a high level of robotics and coding education.

Nov 24, 2021 04:00 PM in London

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