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Uncertainties in indoor radon measurements
Dr Zornitza Daraktchieva
Radon Dosimetry Team Leader, Dosimetry Services Department
Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards Directorate
UK Health Security Agency

The true value of a physical quantity exists but cannot be measured directly. It can only be estimated with an instrument and is known as the measurement value. Each measurement value will be a little different and will disperse around the mean true value. The estimated dispersion of the measured values around the mean value is the measurement uncertainty.
Radon as a gas varies hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annually. The variability of indoor radon and uncertainties involved in radon measurements will be discussed in this seminar. The examples will include the temporal and spatial variability of indoor radon, measurements with passive detectors, active instruments and electronic radon integrated detectors.
The following topics will be discussed:
• Temporal and seasonal variability of indoor radon
• Year-to-year variation of indoor radon
• Spatial variability of indoor radon
• Classical and non-classical errors in radon measurements
• Short-term versus long-term measurements to predict the annual average radon concentrations
• Uncertainty, error, precision and accuracy in indoor radon measurements
• Instrument uncertainty for passive detectors, active instruments and electronic radon integrated detectors

Jul 6, 2022 11:00 AM in Brussels

Speaker: Dr Zornitza Daraktchieva
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