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Surviving & Thriving: Enjoying practice to the fullest
This will be a 60 min. webinar 12:30pm-1:30pm Central Time (US and Canada)

Many of you know that at one time, I had the largest dollar-grossing practice in the country and that I have long served as a personal mentor to a few select chiropractors to focus on building million-dollar-plus practices.

You also know that in the first thirty minutes of a webinar, I often share some of the concepts we use before going into compliance updates.
I have been very busy creating ways to get more of that material to those interested.

We are now ready to launch exciting new ways to help you with multiple aspects of your practice, to increase the number of patients that START, STAY, REFER & PAY – which is the heart of the business in chiropractic!

In the upcoming webinar, the first half hour (12:30 pm - 1:00 pm central) will outline ways you can benefit immediately from what I’m calling the START, STAY, REFER & PAY CHALLENGE.
(This FREE CHALLENGE is open to any Chiropractor!)

Please be there for details of the proven methods that can change your practice - literally on DAY ONE of the Challenge!

Lastly, we will discuss important and timely updates to our services and products to help you and your practice navigate compliance issues, in real-time. Remember, we provide a growing library of resources at no additional charge to you.
Let us know how we can support you and help you thrive!


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