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Evolutionary Biology
You’ve probably heard terms like “mimicry” and “adaptation” before, maybe on a wildlife documentary or perhaps in one of our previous programs here. But how about “homologous” or “founder effect”? In this introductory program, we will go through many of the terms associated with evolution - including the difference between “evolution” and “natural selection”, which many people use interchangeably. We will also cover how the process of evolution really works, and how things like mimicry arise in nature. This can be a complex topic, especially when you consider the incredibly long time-scales we are dealing with. But don’t be intimidated! Together, we will break down this topic and make it both understandable and enjoyable. Using examples mostly from Florida, we will dive into these arcane processes and learn some of the terminology used in the field of evolutionary biology.

Intended for adults and interested youth over 10.
Presented by Brian Magnier

Sep 28, 2021 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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