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Safety Engineering and Security in Manufacturing
Safety engineering and security may need rethinking in manufacturing plants. The future of process is digital, which creates many opportunities for plant operators to enhance efficiency, increase flexibility and make their plants future-proof. However, there is a downside: threats to plant security arising from rapidly growing and increasingly sophisticated cyber criminality, as well as increased risk of unintentional security incidents within.

How do we balance the benefits and the risks?

The age-old process of setting up a factory or a production line to manufacture 1000s of widgets cost effectively, has pretty much been replaced by smart factories or single production cells that can manufacture batches or one-off orders.

However, people, organisations or maybe even nation states that wish to exploit a weakness within the IT infrastructure. With smart factories, we also need to address the protection of production and industrial plants from faults, whether intentional or unintentional.

This edition of Talking Industry addresses the issue of how implementing safety initiatives can enhance efficiency, while addressing the risks.

Sep 13, 2022 10:00 AM in London

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