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Kids First Program Fall Webinar: Growing Diversity of Data Types and Collaborative Research
Join us for a webinar featuring program updates and research findings from the Gabriella Miller Kids First Pediatric Research Program. Open to all members of the community, this event is an excellent opportunity to hear from Kids First investigators and data experts, and to pose questions to this season's panel of presenters.

● 3:00 pm – Dr. Marcia Fournier, NIH Kids First Program Manager: “The Kids First Program”
● 3:20 pm - Keynote Speaker: Dr. Joaquin Espinosa, INCLUDE DCC - “Interoperability & Working Together Across NIH”
● 3:50 pm – Dr. Allison Heath, Dr. Nara Lygia De Macena Sobreira & Dr. Hakon Hakonarson, Kids First DRC: “Cross Disease Availability, Accessibility and Secondary Use”
● 4:20 pm - Dr. Adam Resnick & Dr. Yiran Guo, Kids First DRC: “Variant Discovery in the Cloud”
● 4:50 pm – Dr. David Higgins, Kids First DRC: “Training & Support Resources”
● 4:55 pm – Closing Remarks

While completing registration, be sure to submit questions in advance for the Q&A sessions following each presentation! Questions and suggested topics for discussion can also be submitted to us via email at KidsFirst@od.nih.gov.


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