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Citizen dialogue on the electrification of light urban mobility in Phnom Penh
''EnergyLab is organising its annual Clean Energy Week from the 20th to the 27th of October 2022. This raising awareness event aims to share knowledge and best practices about the use of clean energy in the kingdom of Cambodia. EnergyLab and the SMMR team have the common objective of creating more liveable and sustainable cities.

On account of this, the SMMR team is organising an online presentation about light electric vehicle fleets for urban mobility. The event's purpose is to better inform Phnom Penh citizens about the benefits of using LEVs instead of fossil-fueled powered vehicles. However, convincing people is more complex in reality...

For this reason, the SMMR team is consulting with Phnom Penh citizens to find out what it would take to switch towards LEVs! The online presentation will give you a glimpse into the "citizen dialogue" that the SMMR team conducted in October 2022, which includes focus group discussions and on-street interviews with residents of the capital. Learn more about light electric vehicles and how we connect people with decision-makers and the private sector. Because making sustainable mobility more real is about real people!''

1. Introduction to the SMMR project
2. What are Light electric vehicles, and why are they important
3. The citizen dialogue approach in Phnom Penh
4. Preliminary results from the citizen dialogue


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