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Riding the Plant Based Wave: Leading the Food Revolution
Increasingly more companies and their consumers in the food industry are investing in healthier and "better for you" products while minimizing climate change and risks to our planet.

In recent months, and during the most critical months of the current covid crisis, the foodtech space has experienced a significant spike in both investment and demand towards plant-based foodstuffs. This has caused a shift in the sector with companies now pivoting their business models towards more sustainable operations and processes.

For this reason, we at Eatable Adventures want to delve into this new plant-based revolution in our next webinar "Riding the Plant Based Wave: Leading the Food Revolution" on Thursday the 4th of June, where we will be joined by two of the most disruptive plant-based pioneers; Nir Goldstein, Managing Director Israel at "The Good Food Institute" and Elizabeth Gutschenritter, Managing Director of Alternative Protein at Cargill, who will offer their expert insights into the world of plant-based, what advantages it brings to consumers and which startups are currently riding the plant-based wave.

The main outcomes the webinar will deliver are:
• What are the motivations to develop plant-based products?
• Why are startups leading this protein revolution?
• Best practices of collaboration between different actors in the ecosystem.
• How has pandemic affected to the development of plant-based trend?

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