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SPORT for RULES - Sharing positive values through the enhancement of the referee's role - FINAL CONFERENCE - DECEMBER 2ND
Sport4Rules Final Conference
Sport4Rules - Sharing positive values ​​through the enhancement of the referee's role - Erasmus + Sport Collaborative Partnership. Our working group, coordinated by the Italian Volleyball Federation and formed by a heterogeneous group of federations, organizations and universities which includes the Turkish Volleyball Federation, the Bulgarian Sports and Youth Ministry, the Internarional Federation for Sports Officials, the French Basketball Federation, the University of Seville, the Croatian Volleyball Federation, the Bosnia-Herzegovina Olympic Committee and the organization Mine Vaganti NGO, promote the active role of the referee in combating violence in sport through the development and application of educational modules and dissemination material for schools, athletes, coaches, parents and the general public. For more than two years we have been conducting research on methodologies, approaches and best practices relating to the impact of refereeing conduct on violence, racism and intolerance in sport, at the same time developing training courses able to better train both the youngest in of the scholastic path, and the referee's class (and aspiring one) on these issues: surveys, trials and studies took place in all the countries represented by the consortium, including Italy.


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