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API Management for Businesses Online Summit 2nd Edition
Companies must carefully plan their API development and management activities because APIs are playing a larger role in the organisation. It's not enough to create and deploy an API — or to accept an external API — and hope for the best. Comprehensive API administration aids developers, applications, users, and the company in collaborating to reach their goals.
Successful businesses rely on cutting-edge technology to power their corporate operations, intelligence, and efficiency. Customer Relationship Management, Content Management, eCommerce, Business Intelligence, Storage, Data Analytics, Marketing & Advertising, Accounting & Payments and, most recently, API Management are all examples of modern business applications. According to a report on time allocation of application programming interface (API) jobs worldwide as of 2020, API developers spend 29.5 percent of their time programming and coding APIs. This is nearly twice as long as the second most timeconsuming operation, manually debugging code, which takes up 17% of the time.
This is why Phygitall is excited to host its "First Annual API Management" webinar, which will go deeper into the topic with more analysis and insightful insights from some of our industry-leading professionals who will be speaking at the event. Come join us!
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