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Living Planet: Zoology Webinars - KS1 and KS2 level
This is the zoology online seminar for all KS1 and KS2 level [beginner zoology].

HALF TERM 1 week break
21st Feb: Marsupial Marvels: quokkas, numbats and more

28th Feb: Birds of North America: from cardinals to blue jays

7th March: Egypt's Hidden Gems: location special

14th March: World's most famous extinct animals & extinct record-breakers: megalodon, dodos, Tasmanian tigers and more.

21st March: Wild Dogs: dingoes, coyotes, Ethiopian wolves and more

28th March: Inspired by Animals: innovative or life-saving ideas, designs or medicines inspired by animals through biomimicry.

BOOKING TERMS important information: By registering to the webinar and providing your name and email, you are consenting to Zoom and eLearn with Amy sending you an email to access both the live and the recorded webinar after the event. The only way to access webinars LIVE is through an automated confirmation email that you should receive immediately when you register. Please check you have this email and keep it safe. You must have this confirmation email before the live webinar, or you won't be able to gain access. If there are problems or you do not receive the confirmation email, please try to let me know with 24 hours notice so I have time to sort it for you. Otherwise, only a recording or refund can be issued.

Please note, you can sign up to just the odd class and pick and choose, pay/go weekly, or sign up to the whole term at once by clicking each class in the drop down menu. It's completely up to you.

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