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Levelling up your UX Research team: how to win hearts and influence product
This webinar will be presented by Jesslyn. She is currently a Sr. Lead UX & Product Research in Tokopedia, the leading e-commerce company in Indonesia. Starting her role as the first and only researcher in the company, she now has more than twenty five researchers in her team, embedded across the product teams. Prior to Tokopedia, she worked in HappyFresh as a UX researcher as well. She also loves to travel, and has experience living in different countries, as she studied in University of California, Irvine for her Bachelors, and University of Reading, UK for her masters.
In this webinar she will cover the following points:

1) General timeline/evolution of the Tokopedia UXR team
2) Different team structures
3) From solo to 5
4) From 5 to 10
5) From 10 to 20+
6) Tips & tricks
7) Going from one stage to the next, she will explain:
- focus areas (i.e. design, product, etc.) & stakeholders
- activities (such as how to increase awareness, collaboration with others)
- impact measurement

Do join us for an exciting and informative session on 29th Oct, 7PM SGT


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