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Partnership with Parents Lunchtime Series, brought to you by Wheeling Country Day School and The Campus Laboratory School
Wheeling Country Day School and the Campus Lab School present: Phun with Phonology: Fun Games and Activities for Home.

“Before children can effectively learn to read print, they need to understand that words are made up of speech sounds that can be taken apart and put back together to form words”. Phonemic awareness is the number one indicator that children will become successful readers. This workshop will provide definitions of phonological and phonemic awareness, as well as identify the different levels and knowledge skills that improve children's literacy outcomes. Parents will learn fun games and activities that can easily be done at home to help improve their children’s understanding of speech sounds.

The Partnership with Parents workshops allow parents, grandparents, and caregivers to meet virtually for lunch once a month to listen, learn, and experience ways to support children in their learning and development. Each workshop is uniquely designed to provide a deeper understanding of the many learning challenges students face and the myriad of ways to effectively design supports and interventions.


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