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Pediatric Brain Injury & Development (Ages 0-5)
This session will discuss pediatric brain injury focusing on preschoolers. Children with brain injury become adults with brain injury. We learned from Piaget that a child's brain is very different from an adult's brain. Brain injury can negatively affect a child’s learning, behavior, and emotions. Therefore, supports, resources, and services must be in place for children who sustain these injuries, so they are appropriately supported as their brain matures and develops through their late 20's. Current research regarding preschool brain injury's effects on the developing brain will be explored. The session will discuss common causes, post-brain injury signs and symptoms, identification, brain development, sensitive learning periods of development, child versus adult brains, and key differences between TBI and other types of learning disabilities in children. Steps that parents can take to ensure their child's brain injury is relayed to school staff over the years will be shared. Preschool-age brain injury will be explored through the lens of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).


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