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WEDA Webinar: PFAS – Coming Soon to a Sediment Site Near You!
Draft Outline:

What are PFAS?
PFAS chemistry
Major sources of PFAS to waterways
Fate & bioaccumulation of PFAS
Detections of PFAS in sediment and water
Key sediment/water-derived PFAS risk drivers
PFAS Regulations
Regulatory focus mostly on drinking water, but stage is set for sediment.
Regulatory activities related to PFAS in sediment
The overlap for PFAS in sediment, PFAS risk, and PFAS environmental regulations
The future of PFAS in sediment – questions and predictions
What concerns will we have for contaminated sites?
Will contaminated sites re-open for PFAS?
What sediment remediation techniques will work best for PFAS?
How will environmental and navigational dredging be impacted by PFAS?
What are the science and engineering challenges (key research needs) for PFAS in sediment?



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