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Quick Wins for SME businesses to improve your Public Sector Bids
Is your business a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME)?

Do you want to win more public contracts?

Join leading public sector bidding and tender experts, AM Bid, for this free webinar focusing on how you can make quick changes to improve your bids and win more public contracts.

This year the UK public sector will tender out £290 billion+ buying goods and services.

Their aim is to increase the SME share of this spend to more than £96 billion by the end of 2022.

These public sector contracts can be transformational for SMEs – they provide sustainable revenue streams, fast payment, and guaranteed work. 

With over 12,000 public contracts advertised per month, this is the ideal time to upskill and win more business, but it is not easy to do.

This session will focus on practicable quick wins, hints, and tips you can action today to enhance your bid output and improve your probability of winning your share of these lucrative contract opportunities.

We will also introduce our online public sector bid training programme, Ultimate Tender Coach, which provides SMEs with more detailed knowledge and insight in to developing winning public sector bids.

So, if you are missing out on public contracts, not sure how to get started, or new to public sector bidding, join us to find out how you can win more!

The session will be led by David Gray, Managing Director of AM Bid, one of the UK’s leading bidding and tender specialists. David is a professionally certified bid and proposal specialist, with over 16 years’ experience leading successful bid teams to win contracts across a broad range of sectors and industries.

David also sits on the Association of Proposal Management Professionals’ (APMP) Board of Directors.


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