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EZtol v2.1 makes tolerance stackups even easier for SOLIDWORKS models
If you’ve ever used a spreadsheet to perform a tolerance stackup, you know how much time and effort is required to set up the spreadsheet, populate it with all of the dimension and tolerance information including complex geometric tolerances, and ensure that statistical results are calculated correctly. If you need to perform multiple stackups for the same assembly, this process gets even more complicated as you need to coordinate changes to shared tolerances across multiple stackups.

EZtol is a tolerance analysis program designed to be fast and easy to use while not compromising on power and accuracy. Sigmetrix is proud to introduce EZtol v2.1, the latest iteration of iteration of this solution, supporting SOLIDWORKS in addition to CATIA and NX. EZtol v2.1 takes the ease of use of EZtol to the next level by reading and using the tolerance information, including GD&T, from your CAD models.

Join us for our webinar to see how this latest release extends EZtol’s advantages over spreadsheets!


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