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Staying relevant and competitive
Jocelyn is an UX consultant with a background in digital and content marketing. She loves the problem-solving and humanistic aspects of her work and is constantly trying to think better. Her interests include traveling/digital nomading, entrepreneurship, aviation, and reading.

In this webinar, she will share her journey from digital marketing to UX consultant. She will highlight how she started in UX and stayed relevant by learning and equipping herself with new skills constantly.

Here are some points that she will highlight.
1) Getting into UX - challenges she faced while getting into the UX
2) Staying in UX - remaining competitive, skills & certs she picked up, and how?
3) Advancing in an UX career and becoming a successful UX Consultant

Register by filling up the form below! See you on 24th Feb @ 7 PM SGT for an amazingly informative session.


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