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What Do Cookie Dough, Mattresses and Wrapping Paper Have In Common? How do these contribute to education?
Did we really put cookie dough, mattresses and wrapping paper in the same category? Why, yes we did! We could also include: candles, doughnuts, candy bars, coupons, sheets and the list goes on…. What do these items have in common and how do they relate to the world of education?

Most of us could truly add the title “Salesperson” to our resume based on our participation in school fundraisers. School fundraising has been around for at least the past 50 years (if not more!). Fundraising is usually centered around the school’s families and faculty members. However, in our global society, we should have a global reach when it comes to finding donors. Our worldwide internet should give us access to donors who live all over the world. Are we/you taking full advantage of this reach?

Let’s explore and expand our reach, our creativity, and our revenue sources and opportunities when it comes to supporting our schools. We will also take a look at creating convenient and easy ways to give for busy individuals and families. Why do you think that one of the most popular fundraising events is called a “No Show Event”? People actually pay good money NOT to attend an event fundraiser! Sound funny? It works!

Raising revenues for your school takes time, effort, manpower and sometimes includes upfront costs or expenses. A lot of work and planning goes into a successful school fundraiser. Think about your ROI (Return on Investment). How much time do you really have to devote to such a cause? The days of carrying cash are almost obsolete and completing a paper order form is so yesterday.

Join us for a fun and informative webinar as we cook up some ideas to lighten the load with school fundraisers. We look forward to sharing and brainstorming ways to help you “Ditch The Cookie Dough”.


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