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EZtol v2.3 Streamlines 1-D Tolerance Stackups
EZtol is a 1-Dimensional tolerance stackup analysis program designed to assist in understanding the impact on assembly-level requirements of the accumulation of part-level dimensional variation and part-to-part assembly variation.

Many engineers use spreadsheets to analyze tolerance stackups for their designs. EZtol was created to provide a better way to do stackups by operating directly on the CAD models and utilizing the PMI in those models.

EZtol 2.3 is fast and easy to use. There are several enhancements such as the new Show Stackup tool, which helps users visually confirm that the stackup is set up correctly, and the new Simple Fit Check, which allows users to check the fit between two features of size with only a few clicks.


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Raphael Nascimento
Product Manager @Sigmetrix
Raphael Nascimento is a Product Manager at Sigmetrix, where he is responsible for product strategy, planning, and execution for the 1-D tolerance analysis solution, EZtol. Prior to joining Sigmetrix, Raphael worked at ITI where he was the Product Manager for ITI’s CAD validation product, CADIQ. Raphael also spent over 20 years at PTC where he held several roles, most recently as Product Manager for several functional areas of Creo Parametric, including: MBD, 2D Detailing, GD&T Advisor, and Tolerance Analysis. He also worked as a Consultant and Trainer in PTC’s Global Services where he led clients in the implementation of new technology and new business processes, including MBD/MBE. Raphael is an active participant on ASME Y14 and MBE committees and is a member of the Y14.41 and Y14.47 subcommittees. He attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.