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IVAS LT and AP Suite Collaboration License
The Software is the Microscope; what’s available, and how to get it.

Atom Probe Tomography (APT) is different!

We don’t just mean it is the singularly most powerful sub-nanometer spatial resolution 3D compositional technique available. We mean that the very definition of “microscope” gets different. We recognize a microscope as “an instrument for making enlarged images of a minute object,” but that’s not how APT works. So, is the new Invizo 6000® a microscope or a data collection device?

In APT, the software is the microscope. This webinar will provide an overview of the software options available for APT, from data collection to data analysis. We’ll also discuss how to receive complimentary versions of IVAS™ or a full version AP Suite™.


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Robert Ulfig
Senior Product Manager, Atom Probe Tomography @CAMECA
Robert Ulfig joined Imago (Now CAMECA Instruments Inc.) in 2001 and has worked in hardware, software, and application development for the Local Electrode Atom Probe Microscope (LEAP®). He now works as a Senior Product Manager, integrating the activities and requests from internal and external customers into the latest and greatest of CAMECA’s software and hardware. Robert previously worked at Advanced Micro Devices’ sub-micron development center in Sunnyvale CA and graduated from The University of Wisconsin-Madison with Materials Science and Engineering and Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics degrees.