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Levelling up your User Interviews
This webinar will be presented by mr. Lokesh Sharma (Senior UX Researcher at CBRE). It's been 5 years that Lokesh has transitioned from Qualitative researcher to UX Research. He has a total research experience of around 10 years.
He has worked on products of Amazon India (Fire TV stick, pickup point) Google - Google maps, Google Assistant, Google Search and Google Go.
Loves to travel, interacting with different sets of people, photography and working out.

In this webinar Lokesh will be sharing pro tips on how you can run an effective interview to gain actionable insights. He will be sharing insights from his real life experience of a decade long career.

Points of Discussion:
1.Talking about Qualitative research methods like Focus groups, user interviews, usability
testing, card sorting
2.When & why to conduct user interviews and other methodologies – each of them has its
own strengths, weaknesses & relevance as per the study objectives
3.Two key aspects of interview – Gathering Information and Logistics
4. Analysing while you interview – Focus on WHY ? WHY ? WHY ? WHY ? WHY
5.Stages in interview – and this stands applicable for all methodologies
- Planning or pre-interview
- During interview – Do’s & Don’ts and best practices
- Post the interview


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