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Recognition of Skills Paves Paths to Employment
Higher education is a major driver of personal progress, meaning it has a huge impact on helping learners get employed and become more economically resilient. Having greater transparency around skills within a credential—including non-degree achievements and competencies—are easily accessible and actionable. This also gives learners greater visibility into their development milestones, what skills they can claim, and how they can better represent themselves to employers.

Join us on Wednesday 30th November (2:00 ET, 11:00 PT) as we discuss how recognition (and the credentialing) of skills helps pave the path for greater employment opportunities, on-the-job success, and job satisfaction. Topics covered include:
- Why collecting skills based credentials and credential transparency is important
- Ways that education is making skills public, easily accessible, and actionable today
- What education needs to do to make skills and skill based credentialing more impactful


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