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Overcoming Customer Indecision: The JOLT Effect + Primary Intelligence
Overview: As a sales rep, there’s nothing worse than when a deal you thought you had in the bag goes silent. When a customer says no, there’s some closure. But when a customer says, “I’ll think about it” or completely ghosts you as you follow up week after week – there’s nothing more frustrating. But it’s something that all sales reps experience. Customer indecision makes it hard to predict pipeline and revenue. But what if there was a way that you could better predict no decision deals and overcome customer indecision? 

Join Ryan Cuellar, Chief of Delivery at Primary Intelligence, and Matt Dixon, co-author of The Challenger Sale and The JOLT Effect, as they uncover how your go-to-market teams can overcome customer indecision and win more.

In this master class, we’ll cover:
- Why customer indecision occurs
- The psychology behind buyer behavior in “no decisions”
- How high-performing sales reps overcome the status quo and customer indecision
- How and why “no decisions” should be treated differently than wins or losses.


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