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What You Need to Know About Clinical Trials For Stomach Cancer
As part of the 2022 Hope Webinar Series, join us for this inaugural webinar on What You Need to Know About Clinical Trials For Stomach Cancer. We’ve invited a special guest from the FDA!

Clinical trials are instrumental in giving hope to patients and their families. Researchers are constantly developing, testing, and refining treatments that can be incredibly effective in certain circumstances.

There are different phases of clinical trials, and while clinical trials are experimental, all patients receive standard of care. These trials offer unique opportunities to potentially improve your condition and help others through your participation.

Naturally, you’ll have questions about whether you or your loved one should take part in a trial based on current condition, prognosis, medical history, and other factors. In this informative webinar, top oncologists and gastrointestinal specialists de-mystify the clinical trial process so that you can decide if participation is right for you.

Our knowledgeable presenters include:

Dr. Samuel Klempner (moderator) GI Oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital
“Understanding Clinical Trials From Phase I to Phase III"

Dr. Yanghee Woo, Surgical Oncologist at City of Hope
"Trials, Triumphs, Tribulations and the future of the Management of Patients with Peritoneal Metastases from Stomach Cancer"

Dr. Shruti Gandhy, GI Malignancies Expert at the FDA
“Clinical Trial Design and Endpoints Supporting U.S. Drug Approval"

Dr. Rutika Mehta, GI Oncologist at Moffitt Cancer Center
“Recent Progress in Cellular Therapy Trials” (CAR -T)

With plenty of time for discussion and Q &A.

The Hope Webinars Series ensures patients facing stomach cancer understand the opportunities that exist for treatment and diagnosis in academic centers. These webinars are designed to educate and empower patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and all who are impacted by stomach cancer.


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Dr. Samuel Klempner
GI Oncologist @Massachusetts General Hospital
Dr. Yanghee Woo
Gastric Cancer Surgeon @City of Hope
Dr. Rutika Mehta
GI Oncologist @Moffitt Cancer Center
Shruti Gandhy
GI Malignancies Expert @FDA