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Assessing Future Industry Prospects of the European Micro-Launch Market
Micro-launcher services provide a solution to the bottleneck faced by the increasing number of smallsat operators. At present, there is a strong global stimulus to develop and offer new launch solutions needed to respond to this growing market. The European space industry has taken on this challenge and continues to grow rapidly, already offering rideshare solutions, and dedicated small satellite launch solutions in the near future. While the smallsat launch service market segment is currently still in its infancy, it could become a highly competitive landscape in the future. Thus, a clear understanding is needed of where the market is headed and how European companies can best position themselves to succeed.
Discussion points:
· What are the current opportunities for the European smallsat launch market?
· Is the small launch market presently a buyer’s or a seller’s market – and how is it expected to evolve?
· How attractive are European launch solutions to European and overseas commercial satellite operators?
· Commercial vs. institutional smallsat demand – what would be the right mix from a launch service provider’s perspective?

· Thilo Kranz, Commercial Space Transportation Manager, ESA

Confirmed Speakers:
· Jörn Spurmann, COO, Rocket Factory Augsburg
· Stella Guillen, CCO, Isar Aerospace
· Emmanuel Franc, Senior Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Arianespace
· Raúl Torres, CEO, PLD Space

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