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The Dance of Self-Care for leaders in the Arts and Culture Sector
Wellness and self-care are paramount to living a healthy and balanced life and science continues to support the notion that arts and culture are good for our well-being. Leaders working in the arts and culture sector are often focused on taking care of their stakeholders (staff, constituencies, etc), with little time and focus on themselves, but how can we best be there for others if we do not look after our own wellbeing? In this webinar the panelists will talk about the field of Neuroaesthetics, the importance of self-care, and the benefits of its application.

Join AMS Senior Associate Lynette Turner in conversation with Dr. Tasha Golden, Director of Research, International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins Medicine; Mikhayla Harrell, Museum Educator at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art; and Rebekah Boggs, AMS Project Coordinator, for conversation regarding this important topic.


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