The Future We Want: What have we learned since Rio+20?
In this tenth year since the Rio+20 “Future We Want” was adopted, this webinar will explore ways the 2012 outcome laid the foundations and still advances the objectives the SDG Summit will seek to reinforce.

The UN Secretary-General calls the SDG Summit in September the “centrepiece moment of 2023.” It takes place at the mid-point of the implementation of the development agenda countries adopted in 2015: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals . This outcome has given the international community a dynamic blueprint for addressing multiple challenges in an integrated manner.

At the same time, the decision that called for the negotiation of the SDGs sparked additional actions that also bolstered sustainable development progress. The Rio+20 outcome was heralded as historic and forward-looking. Without that decision, we would not have the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs. Voluntary National Reviews would not be prepared by over 40 countries per year, opening each presenting country to international scrutiny for their sustainable development efforts. Re-examining where the SDGs came from will reinforce the foundation the SDG Summit’s ambitions are built upon. The Future We Want also addresses issues that are not explicitly covered in the SDGs; these ideas merit review in light of the last challenging years.

The webinar will feature speakers who were central to the negotiation of the Rio+20 outcome. We will celebrate the tenth anniversary of that event, but the focus will be on how the Future We Want can contribute to the SDG Summit outcomes.
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