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Panel Presentations Today: A How-To for APRs and Candidates - Shared screen with speaker view
Michelle Mueller
MOSPRA has been doing virtual APR study cohorts for at least 7 years and the last 4 years they have been very well attended. In addition to monthly virtual study sessions led by APRs, we have a comprehensive Google folder of the presentations and other resources.
Michelle Mueller
Anyone is welcome to attend -- NSPRA folks, PRSA folks and anyone else.
Michelle Mueller
As APR chair with MOSPRA, please always feel to send folks my way or piggyback with anyone who is connected the with NSPRA cohort. All our sessions are recorded and they are welcome to tap into them to review as they move through their studies.
Michelle Mueller
If an in-person panel is planned can it be changed to virtual at the last minute due to COVID related issues (quarantines, illness, etc.) or would it need special permission?
Christy McGee, APR
@Michelle - yes. It would just depend on everyone's schedule, but you can change the venue.
Christy McGee, APR
Sorry, yes you can change it. You don't need special permission.
Michelle Mueller
Good to know. I assume I would give the OK to the panel chair and 2 other panelists to move to that platform if it became an issue.
Mellissa Braham, APR, NSPRA Assoc. Director
Gary Sabol
On a panel I served on in the past, the candidate was clearly ready but one of the three panelists refused to clear the candidate to move on to the exam. Any tips on how to overcome this obstacle?
Michelle Mueller
Agree 200% Naomi! As APR chair and mentor, the candidates almost always have me as one of their APRs to proof/edit their questionnaire. I often have them re-do certain sections and/or enhance some of their answers to ensure they are putting their best foot forward with the panel. I tell them once they feel it is in final form for their panel, to please say "this is my final document" when they give it to me, and then I no longer look at it and send it to their panel 15 biz days ahead of time.
Gary Sabol
It was probably about 10 years ago
Gary Sabol
We did challenge the person but they didn't budge from their position.
Cindy Warner
Yes, the KSA's covered in the Panel Presentation now are really different from previous Readiness Review. The KSA's are now related to creativity, interpersonal skills, time management, communication skills, etc....
Gary Sabol
Thank you! That's good to know.
Gary Sabol
This is a great webinar! It's great to meet in person for the Readiness Review, but I love the idea of a virtual Readiness Review.
Christy McGee, APR
Thanks Gary!
Lisa Steimer
This is great information! Thank you!
Michelle Mueller
Thank you for this great webinar!