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Temple Adas Shalom - Live! Service Link (Shabbat & Havdallah) - Shared screen with speaker view
Temple Adas Shalom
Good morning everyone and Shabbat Shalom. Hope everyone is hearing everything well. I have unmuting turned off. If you're asking to speak or have something to say, I'll sent you a message to unmute yourself.
iPad (2)
Shabbat Shalom,! Thank you for broadcasting-I am currently traveling for work and was saddened I would miss this. So grateful I can tune in.
Temple Adas Shalom
Thank you Ipad(2). We love being able to make our services available online. Please let us know who you are.
cs jensen
We could not be with Stanley today in person. We were so happy when Natasha sent us the zoom link so we could watch online. Thank you very much for offering this.
Brian Kolstad (He/Him)
Mazel Tov Stanley and the whole family!
Temple Adas Shalom
Shabbat shalom everyone. Have a wonderful weekend.